Again, I am so glad you're here. Something about my work resonated with you and that means so much to me. My work is an extension of who I am and how the inner most parts of my brain and heart works. I'd say that's a pretty vulnerable thing. I share my photography in hopes to create a space where you too can be vulnerable. Whether it's with your vision for your brand campaign or the love you share with your partner-- true, real, palpable art is created when a fierce sense of comfort meets unbridled creativity. 


"a work of art which isn't based on feeling isn't art at all."

Paul cezanne

My inspiration spans across an array of spectrums-- light and shadow, literature and movies, colors and music, architecture and nature --I believe what inspires us, holds a piece of who we are and ultimately (and most importantly) makes us unique. Since the day I picked up my very first camera (an electric blue, Fujifulm, point-and-shoot) I knew I wanted to create the kind of photography that makes people stop and think; photography that is equally as familiar as it is foreign.

based in portland, oregon

My goal as your photographer is to create alongside you every step of the way. We're in this together baby. Now, I know my style of work isn't for everyone and that's okay. That just means the ones who end up working with me are meant to be. It means you're the kind of person that is drawn to nostalgia. Maybe you recently bought a point-and-shoot film camera because you love the imperfections of film and how it takes you back to a simpler time. We're art-soul mates and I'd much rather work with someone who cries at Tik Tok videos of dogs, and feels music so deeply their heart aches, and laughs a little too hard at fart jokes, and enjoys thought provoking poetry as much as they enjoy watching The Office.

Your story is important and unique and deserves to be told through the eyes of someone who will listen to you. 

"true, real, palpable art is created when a fierce sense of comfort meets unbridled creativity."

work with me.

i'm here to listen &
 To help tell your story

portland fashion and wedding photographer

Colette Bottiaux is a fashion and wedding photographer based in Portland, OR and available for hire worldwide.

colette bottiaux

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