I am based out of Portland, OR and available for travel worldwide. Providing top tier wedding photography and brand photography experiences, with the client in mind. Each project is a new and exciting endeavor and I look forward to working together to bring your vision to life!


wedding experience/pricing

brand experience/pricing

I want more than anything, for this to be the easiest, least stressful decision for you (because we all know planning a wedding can be riddled with stress). When you decide on me, you're deciding on someone who is confident in capturing your love just as you imagine it. With intention and creativity. When you decide on me, you decide on someone who is with you every step of the way. Someone you can trust to work their magic in providing you with the most thoughtful mementos. My approach is one with ease and little disruption. I want the moments to happen organically, not forced. Your images will be pouring over with love and nostalgia. Feeling and experiencing honest, artful imagery with you at the center of it all.

wedding experience

Starting at $4900 you'll receive:

- 6 hours of wedding day coverage 
- 1 hour complimentary engagement session
- Digital gallery of 800-1000 edited images delivered 3 weeks post wedding
- Sneak peek gallery sent 3 days post wedding
- A mix of film and digital photography 
- My brain to pick if you ever need help/advice
(Inquire for 8 and 10 hour options)

wedding pricing

Starting at $3200 you'll receive:
(Only booking weekend elopements during the months of November - April)

- 4 hours of elopement day coverage
- 1 hour complimentary engagement session
- Digital gallery of 600-800 edited images delivered 3 weeks post wedding
- Sneak peek gallery sent 3 days post wedding
- A mix of film and digital photography 
- My brain to pick if you ever need help/advice

elopement pricing

engagement session

What makes this an experience you ask?
It's due to my unique hands-on approach assuring your engagement photos turn out exactly as you imagine they would-- filled to the brim with unforced, love-filled moments. 

I do my part by sending you a curated date box, also known as my Cloud 9 Care Package complete with all the things you need to create an environment of love and connection between the two of you.

Then, you do your part by showing up to your session in the most lovey dovey mood ready to have the most fun creating artfully romantic memories with the love of your life. 

cloud 9 care package

info about care package

The Process


We'll begin by going over your vision for your wedding day. The moments you want captured the most and how you want to remember the day. We'll discuss the best plan of action and create a timeline that best suits your desires, while leaving plenty of room to allow for the inevitable spontaneity.  Along with the wedding day details, we'll figure out some fun ideas and locations for your engagement photos that feel true to who you both are. This is like the pre-game for your wedding. Your engagement session is where we get to know each other even better and find our groove. We'll throw out a few dates for your session and go from there.


The Process


For both your wedding day and engagement session, I will shoot a mixture of digital and film. I tend to have a gentler approach when it comes to shooting, meaning I won't succumb to the forced posing technique. It's normal to feel a little uncomfortable if you're not used to getting your photos taken, and that's where I want to you really tap into being present with your partner. That's where I want you to find your comfort. Once you're there, everything else will come so naturally. I'll be there to help guide you along the way. I won't disrupt the meaningful moments, rather observe and follow where ever love and adoration lead. 


The Process


I know the feeling of anticipation when waiting on a gallery, so I won't make you wait long. In just two short weeks you'll get a digital gallery filled with beautiful memories of a day you won't soon forget. The gallery will be online for a year, and I encourage you to download them within that time frame, onto your computer or a hard drive.  You'll also have a couple weeks to reach out if there are any images you'd prefer to have in black and white, as well as any other minor changes you would like for me to make.


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Much like my wedding photography experience, I want this to be a super easy process. I believe effective communication is key in achieving that as well as a collaborative approach. Whatever your vision is for you brand campaign, we will bring it to life as a team. We'll plan it all out from the model search, to the location, to the shot list and assure plenty of room for creative freedom. 
Choosing a photographer to capture your brands essence is so important. With my creative skills and your beautiful products, I think we can do just that and more.

brand experience

brand experience

Pricing is decided upon after our discovery call. Every brand is so unique and the needs of each campaign is so different, therefore the pricing for each photoshoot will be different based upon the needs for the project. When reaching out, please include as much detail as possible!

brand pricing

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